Oil Rig Repairs & Maintenance Services


AAA’s extensive experience covers work in rig upgrading, modifying, repairing, re-certifying and inspecting most of the drilling unit types, regardless of manufacturer or design.

AAA often works on several rigs simultaneously. The company completes many upgrades and covers all elements of a project, from structural analysis to relevant equipment installation. Our work takes us to numerous locations worldwide.

The expertise of our engineering team in project upgrades enables AAA to provide fast and proven solutions to upgrade, repair or modification requirements.

Given that AAA employs qualified and skilled teams of engineers, the company is able, but not limited to, providing integrated services such as:

Mechanical Services

We offer a full range of mechanical services and capabilities, from machining and turning to metal recovery and super finish grinding. When a breakdown occurs, we provide on-site services 24/7 in order to reduce downtime.

We offer many services, from the repair or remanufacture of worn or damaged components to the overhauling and complete rebuilding of machines. We also perform various engineering calculations and analysis related to process design, as well as sizing and selecting the mechanical and process equipment such as pumps, motors, pressure vessels, filters, blowers, heat exchangers, valves and instruments.

Our engineers solicit supplier quotations and review technical compliance, budget and delivery constraints, and approve a supplier’s engineering and design documents.

Structural Services

AAA is able to provide turn-key solutions for a number of projects over a varied and diverse range of scopes of work, that can be executed in our workshops or onsite at a client’s location.

Structural services include:

  • Visual steel inspection
  • Structural assessment
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauging
  • New steel requirements calculation
  • Drawings
  • Welding procedures
  • Steel repair and replacement
  • Manpower coordination
  • FEM analysis

Electrical Services

AAA provides our clients with a wide range of electrical installation and maintenance services that cover most offshore installation and commissioning scopes of work.

We provide qualified and experienced electrical personnel that are able to support your operations and assist with the installation of new electrical components such as:

  • Cable termination and testing
  • Cable ladder/cable trays
  • Lighting systems
  • Junction boxes
  • Drilling equipment
  • PAGA systems
  • Telecom systems
  • Fire detection systems

We also provide our clients with all cable test check sheets after every installation of cable and equipment, all IR & continuity report data sheets, complete with EC/MC check sheets, for the purpose of assuring that all cables and installed items are compliant with installation standards, practices and procedures.

Hydraulic Services

The company has years of experience quickly, efficiently and affordably designing, manufacturing, repairing and upgrading a wide variety of hydraulic equipment regardless of age, size or condition.

AAA hydraulic services based on the experience of its team of engineers provide:

  • Hydraulic equipment design & engineering
  • Custom hydraulic equipment manufacturing
  • Hydraulic equipment field service
  • Hydraulic equipment repair and remanufacturing
  • Equipment inspection
  • Equipment disassembly, repair, parts and components upgrading
  • Assembly modifications
  • Equipment installation/re-installation

NDT Services

AAA is capable of performing non-destructive testing (NDT) by providing a wide range of conventional and state-of-the-art analysis procedures to evaluate materials and systems.

Our technical and engineering teams contain qualified inspectors to perform:

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Remote video
  • Specialized material analysis

AAA's non-destructive testing ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

Well Control Systems Services

AAA delivers well control services based on extensive experience in the maintenance, repair and inspection of all types of land and offshore well control equipment.

These services are focused but not limited to the maintenance and repairs of these subsystems:

  • BOP stack
  • BOP hydraulic system
  • Choke manifold
  • Diverter
  • Marine risers and riser handling systems

Products & Services

  • Engineering Design Projects
  • Equipment fabrication
  • Mud Pumps
  • Mud Tanks
  • Offshore/Onshore Engineering Services
  • Rig Upgrading

(All the equipment of Offshore oil rigs and Onshore oil rigs are maintained by our AAA companies)

(All the equipment of the Oil and Gas industry is maintained by AAA companies)

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